Asset Management


Inspection is required throughout the lifetime of industrial process plants, power stations and other industrial facilities to check that they are being built, modified and maintained in keeping with design and maintenance engineering requirements, to help provide assurance that they will operate and continue to operate as intended. Inspection of new equipment may be carried out by the manufacturer or supplier (1st party), the owner (2nd party), or an independent body (3rd party).

Competency of operators

The competency of employees, contingent workers and contractors is vital to the safe and effective operation of industrial plant.  Training and education play a vital role in ensuring the competency of workers.

Management of ageing plant

The safe and effective management of ageing plant is becoming an increasingly important issue in a number of industry sectors: both conventional fossil fuel and nuclear power generation, the offshore oil & gas sector and the onshore chemical industry.  Plant life expectation can be safely prolonged, with due care and attention: what this means in practice needs to be understood.

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