Explosive Atmospheres

Potentially explosive atmospheres occur in many industries, not only in onshore and offshore petrochemical processing and refining plants, but also in places such as petrol filling stations, garage workshops, liquor distilleries, paint spraying plants, flour mills, woodworking plant, coal handling plant, the water and waste treatment industries, etc.  Failure to adopt correct and safe working practices could result in ignitions of explosive gases and dust clouds, not necessarily at the time the work is done but possibly at some future date.

Competency of electrical technicians operating in potentially explosive atmospheres (‘Ex’-rated) areas has been a particular concern for EEMUA members, who developed guidance on this subject in the early 1990s.  The guidance has since been maintained up-to-date by EEMUA.  Today it forms the basis of the successful CompEx Scheme website that is supported by the electrical industry and the British Health & Safety Executive.  CompEx courses are run at twelve centres throughout the UK.

To find out details of current work on materials for explosive atmospheres visit Work Programme.

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