EEMUA Work Programme

EEMUA’s work programme is run through forums, projects and member committees. Some of the forums and projects are also open to non-members. If you are interested in joining an open project, contact us on . To join any of the member committee working groups you will first need to apply and be accepted as an EEMUA member. To find how to join fill in the online membership enquiry form or go to About Membership on this site.

Asset Management

  • Process plant reliability: defining methodology to assess plant reliability to influence safety and environmental performance.
  • Pressure equipment sourcing: guidance on sourcing quality products from developing countries.
  • Non-standard NDT techniques: applying non-standard NDT techniques where acceptance methods are not currently available.
  • Fugitive emissions: review of current good and best practice and guidance on reducing fugitive emissions from piping systems and the like.

Engineering Competency

  • Human factors & technical competency management: the overall approach to management of human technical resources associated with the installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance and support of process industry plant.
  • Training and competence assessment of inspection personnel: reviewing recommendations on the assessment of competency and training of inspection personnel.

Electrical, instrumentation & control plant systems

  • Alarm management & human-computer interfaces: updating current guidance to include the latest good and best practice and to extend its application.
  • On-line analyser systems: guidance on selection, justification, installation and maintenance of on-line analysers.
  • Electrical safety of instrument panels: good and best practice in the electrical safety of instrument control panels.

Storage tanks

  • Operation of storage tanks: guidance on the safe and effective operation of storage tanks for owner/operators.
  • Storage tanks bottom leakage: good and best practice for prevention of bottom leakage.
  • Refrigerated liquefied gas tanks (including double concrete tanks): guidance on design and construction.

Engineering materials

  • Materials & fabrication sourcing: examination of the root causes of the growth in failures related to poor materials and/or fabrication which could be associated with the increasing globalisation of supply sources.
  • Coercivity tests and metal hardness: development of authoritative guidance.

Explosive atmospheres

  • Regulatory compliance for process machinery in hazardous areas: defining a broad industry-wide approach to maintaining integrity of machinery in hazardous areas.