About Membership

Becoming an EEMUA member

EEMUA member companies manage process plants, power stations, offshore platforms, storage terminals and other industrial facilities around the world - engineering assets worth billions of Euros.Together, EEMUA members’ national and global organisations represent a combined turnover well in excess of two thousand billion Euros.

No matter how small or great individual experience and expertise is in operating such a variety and wealth of industrial facilities, all members share a common belief that collaborating for mutual benefit is essential for effective asset management. EEMUA provides the platform for such collaboration.

By becoming a member, you can demonstrate your organisation’s commitment to corporate and social responsibility by your contribution to the EEMUA work programme for the wider good.

EEMUA welcomes into membership those plant owner/operating companies of all sizes which fulfill membership criteria.

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1 Membership is subject to the approval of EEMUA Council