Publications Overview

EEMUA members’ collaborative efforts enable us to develop industry guides and other publications to promote good and best practices. Recognised internationally for their technical quality, these guides are sought out and used in a variety of engineering sectors.

Over 200 engineering guides, handbooks and other publications have been developed, some of which have been used as the basis of formal standards or been adopted into a standard by international standard bodies such as the ISO and IEC.

There are now over 50 industry guides in print, with new guides and editions in preparation. Whilst these guides have been prepared primarily for members’ use, they are also offered for sale to non–members. Members are eligible for one free copy of every new publication, plus a 25% discount on all further copies, thus representing a substantial saving.

Copies may be bought through visiting the Online Shop or through the members’area.

EEMUA encourages constructive comments on all its publications. Comments should be sent on the standard feedback form: Feedback Form (49KB)

Comments on industry guides are considered by the EEMUA Technical Committees and may be incorporated in future editions of the relevant publication.