“You’re gonna need a bigger boat!”

17 December 2014

EEMUA held its 65th Annual General Meeting at the end of November 2014, as well as a biannual Council meeting. This was an opportunity for EEMUA’s members to learn more about the achievements of the Association over the preceding six months, and to guide its direction, based on industry needs.

As part of the preparation for these two events I looked over minutes stretching back to the 1950s, and found contributions from such companies as Britoil PLC, the CEGB, and Albright & Wilson. Although these once household names have now vanished, the issues they raised are still familiar; the safe, efficient operation of industrial assets in environments that could be hazardous, often in challenging economic climates. In some ways the responses to the issues would also be familiar; promoting good practice, challenging assumptions, and representing the views of the users. However, the routes through which this could be done might not be recognisable to those early Council Members. In an era of instant communication, and where the new EEMUA Portal can give employees at any member company access to our knowledge base at any time, or location, the scope to respond quickly and effectively is much greater than those early days.
So why the Chief Brody’s quote from “Jaws”?
The changes in technology, and the unchanging difficult demands of industry, plus the recognised ability of EEMUA to contribute, led to one thought I wasn’t expecting to have as I welcomed our largest attendance to our usual venue:
“You’re gonna need a bigger boat!”
The meeting itself was lively, informative and of value both to the Association, and the attendees. I’m already looking forward to our next Council Meeting in May, but we may need to re-think where we hold it!

Stefan Kukula
EEMUA Chief Executive