End of 2017 reflections

19 December 2017

The EEMUA staff are now fully settled into the new location in Blackfriars, London, with its regular melodic chimes from nearby St. Paul’s Cathedral and St. Bride’s Church. The use of our meeting room remains available free of charge to Members; so, it is an experience we can share.

Our biennial Conference took place in early March with a packed programme including: regulators outlining their concerns, reformed hackers demonstrating their fears, and EEMUA Members presenting their responses to the complex challenges they face. We also managed to fit in some drumming as dinner entertainment and hope the attendees have their drums (or djembe!) displayed somewhere prominent.

The Conference wasn’t our only event this year, of course. A wide range of seminars included an event on ageing mechanical assets (held, most appropriately, in a 17th century guildhall) and well received events on inspection and ageing electrical assets. Our free, lunchtime webinars remained popular with registrants dialling in from as far as Asia, Africa and the Americas. Look out for announcements of upcoming webinars in the New Year.

It has also been a busy year for storage tanks; the 5th edition of EEMUA 159, the leading guidance on cylindrical steel storage tanks, was released during a hugely successful launch event near Manchester in September. The subsequent updates to EEMUA 159 CompeTank® materials were then completed and delivered to all courses – a mammoth task carried out by our Training and Events team, presenters and key individuals from our Storage Tanks Committee.

2017 also saw the release of new guidance for plastic tanks (EEMUA 225), which was preceded by a Plastic Tanks Seminar earlier in the year, Demolition of vertical cylindrical steel storage tanks and LPG spheres (EEMUA 154) and new editions on pressure vessels (EEMUA 211), recommendations for tube end welding (EEMUA 143), Line pipe specification (EEMUA 233).

We said goodbye to Andrew Pearson, a long-standing employee, and Reis Gabernet, a more recent, but popular, staff member; and wish them both well. It didn’t take long to get back up to strength, however, with Nandish Velani and Jeevan Abraham joining the technical team and quickly making their mark.

EEMUA is a growing Association and we have welcomed a number of new Members and Associates over the year. We had a busy schedule of visits to those interested in talking to us; both those already in Membership, and those who just wanted to know more about what we do. Please get in touch if you would like to meet us in 2018. We feel face-to-face visits to Member and potential Member sites add a context to better understand issues in industry that can’t be gained from telephone or video calls.

We also received a lot of useful feedback and input from our recent annual survey of Members and Associates. We take great pride in being a member-led organisation, and we have been and will be incorporating many of the ideas put forward. 

What does 2018 hold for EEMUA?

Our seminar programme for 2018 is up and in response to previous requests, we will be holding another ageing assets event. New for 2018 are seminars around Corrosion Under Insulation and the asset integrity management lifecycle. We will also be running events on Cyber Security for industrial control systems, Hazardous Areas, Alarm Systems and Controls as well as our three annual seminars on Inspection, Pressure Systems and Storage tanks. Online registration is open, so we invite you to register. If you are interested in speaking at any of these events, do get in touch. Details of how to make a proposal is available on our website. 

The full course schedule for 2018 is also available, including training courses on Mechanical Integrity (based on EEMUA 231), Subsea Engineering (based on EEMUA 194), Alarm Systems Management (based on EEMUA 191), and of course the EEMUA 159 based CompeTank® courses. 

EEMUA Members will be pleased to note that the list of free e-learning modules available to them will be expanding to include Cyber Security and Functional Safety in addition to the current Alarm Systems, Storage Tanks (available in English or Dutch versions) and Subsea Materials modules. 

Planning for the EEMUA Conference 2019 will begin early in the New Year, with registration opening later in 2018. Do keep your eyes peeled for any announcements and updates!

For EEMUA staff it will be another year of helping Members and stakeholders worldwide to improve the safety, efficiency, and compliance of some of the world’s most important industrial assets. We wish you all the best for the festive season and look forward to working with you in 2018.