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EEMUA Publication 154 Demolition of vertical cylindrical steel storage tanks and LPG spheres

/Products/Publications/Digital/EEMUA-Publication-154.aspx 21/04/2015 13:04:29

EEMUA Publication 168 Guide to pressure testing of equipment

/Products/Publications/Digital/EEMUA-Publication-168.aspx 21/04/2015 13:25:08

EEMUA Publication 188 Guide for establishing operating periods of safety valves

/Products/Publications/Digital/EEMUA-Publication-188.aspx 21/04/2015 14:40:09

EEMUA Publication 233 Line pipe Specification: Clauses in addition to API 5L/ISO 3183

/Products/Publications/Digital/EEMUA-Publication-233.aspx 18/01/2017 15:46:17

EEMUA Publication 243 - Guide to mechanical connector selection and lifecycle

/Products/Publications/Digital/EEMUA-Publication-243-Digital.aspx 16/11/2021 15:30:54

EEMUA Publication 179 A working guide for carbon steel equipment in wet H2S service

/Products/Publications/Digital/EEMUA-Publication-179.aspx 21/04/2015 13:39:44

EEMUA Publication 184 - Guide to the isolation of pressure relieving devices

/Products/Publications/Digital/EEMUA-Publication-184.aspx 21/04/2015 14:28:46

EEMUA Publication 185 Guide for hot tapping on piping and other equipment         

/Products/Publications/Digital/EEMUA-Publication-185.aspx 21/04/2015 14:31:40

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