Demonstrate that your site employees are complying with health and safety law

29 January 2018

There is no better way to ensure that site employees are aware of the principals of maintenance of the integrity of plant containing hazardous substances than to attend the EEMUA 231 Mechanical Integrity training course.

The course is based on  EEMUA Publication 231, which brings together existing good practice for periodic examination and testing of the mechanical integrity of these facilities. This guide has been developed and written in consultation with the British Regulator, the Health and Safety Executive, who quotes in the Foreword:

“The Health and Safety Executive considers maintenance of the integrity of plant containing hazardous substances to be a fundamental element of good process safety management. To this end, we believe this document [EEMUA 231] provides a sound basis from which to develop arrangements for the management and delivery of periodic examinations aimed at achieving this."

The HSE continues by saying: “The guidance contained within [EEMUA 231] should not be regarded as an authoritative interpretation of the law, but if you follow the advice set out in it, you will normally be doing enough to comply with health and safety law in respect of those specific issues on which the guidance gives advice.”

The next EEMUA 231 Mechanical Integrity training course is running in Manchester on 1 March 2018. Book now!