Detecting and managing High Temperature Hydrogen Attack

05 June 2019

High temperature hydrogen attack (HTHA) can cause serious damage such as decarburization and micro-cracking in steels exposed to hydrogen at elevated temperatures and high pressure. Such damage can negatively affect tensile strength and toughness and ultimately cause failure without warning.

EEMUA’s seminar on 20 June 2019 will help operators decide how to best manage the risk. This is a must-attend event for all those responsible for maintaining integrity of physical assets under hydrogen service at elevated temperatures.

EEMUA has brought together an exceptional line up of speakers to help disseminate developments in the field of HTHA NDE, FFS and design considerations.

Attendees will hear from the UK Regulator, European and US operators, leading NDT houses, materials research specialists and academics, among others, providing insight on the most recent work in the field.

For further information and to register, click here.

Employees in EEMUA Member Companies and in EEMUA Associates are able to attend the seminar free of charge as a benefit of membership.