Drones, robots and you

31 August 2017

Presentations at this year’s EEMUA annual inspection seminar on 6 September 2017 (International Centre, Telford, UK) include ‘Drones for internal inspection', looking at how unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) can provide a safer and more efficient analysis in dangerous environments, and ‘Inspection by computed tomography (CT)’, including its use in the non-intrusive inspection of coated subsea pipelines. The overall theme of the day is remote inspection methods and difficult locations and other sessions will focus on robotic inspection of tank bottoms and robotic techniques for inspection.

Full details can be found here, including how to register.

This EEMUA seminar has been planned to coincide with the biennial BINDT exhibition “Materials Testing”, running at the same venue on 5-7 September. Seminar delegates will have the opportunity to visit the exhibition (no charge) during the course of the day on 6 September.