EEMUA expands its e-learning offering to Members

22 May 2018

EEMUA has today launched two new e-learning courses for its Members; one on Cyber Security, the other on Functional Safety. Both courses are positioned at the awareness/introductory level.

The Cyber Security e-learning provides an introduction to the topic of industrial cyber security and EEMUA's cyber security assessment process for industrial control systems – EEMUA Information Sheet 2.

The Functional Safety e-learning is an introduction to the general concepts of functional safety. These concepts are elaborated further in EEMUA 222 - Guide to the application of IEC 61511 to safety instrumented systems in the UK process industries.

Other e-learning courses available to EEMUA Members are: Storage Tanks (available in both Dutch and English language versions); Subsea Materials; and Alarm Systems.

EEMUA is currently looking at ways its e-learning courses can be made accessible to the wider industry.