EEMUA releases Mandarin Chinese version of storage tanks Inspection Sheets

15 January 2020

EEMUA has released a Mandarin Chinese language version of the EEMUA 159 Inspection Sheets.

EEMUA 159 is intended as a general inspection, maintenance and repair guide applicable to above ground vertical cylindrical steel storage tanks built to standards such as BS 2654, API 620 and API 650, DIN 4119-1 and -2, CODRES, G0801 and EN 14015.

The EEMUA 159 Inspection Sheets represent a minimum of suggested NDT (non-destructive testing) inspection sheets for the elements of steel storage tanks. Used within the context of EEMUA 159, they will help ensure that storage tanks are suitably inspected.

The Inspection Sheets are already available in Dutch, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Translation into Mandarin Chinese is hoped to be another small, practical measure to help ensure the integrity of storage tanks around the world.

Some key aspects of the Inspection Sheets are addressed further in EEMUA's Storage Tanks e-learning.