End of an era

23 September 2019

After a long involvement with EEMUA, Jan de Jong is stepping down as Chair of the EEMUA Storage Tanks Committee (STC) and the CompeTank® scheme. 

Globally considered a leading expert in the tank storage industry for many years, Jan’s opinions are highly respected by his many industry friends and colleagues. With a background in mechanical engineering, he started his career as a designer and builder of storage tanks and held numerous positions before founding D&C Engineering in the Netherlands in 1985.

Jan’s long-standing involvement in the Storage Tanks Committee included the development and publication of EEMUA 159, which this year celebrates its 25th anniversary. Now in its fifth edition, and with valuable input and guidance from Jan, EEMUA 159 is seen worldwide as the most comprehensive users' guide available on above ground vertical cylindrical steel storage tanks. Jan became Chair of the STC in 2000, a position he has held for 19 years.

He was instrumental in seeing the potential of the guidance delivered in EEMUA 159 to develop the EEMUA 159 CompeTank® training and competency scheme, with the TankAssessor™ course going on to become highly regarded around the globe. Jan has held the position of Chair of EEMUA 159 CompeTank® Scheme Committee, leading the authoring and lecturing team from its inception.

If all that was not enough, Jan has co-authored over the past 25 years numerous important EEMUA publications concerning different aspects of working with storage tanks and has lectured on the TankAssessor™ and TankStrategies™ courses.

Outside of EEMUA, he is also Chair of the EN 14015 committee, developing European standards for storage tanks.

EEMUA would like to thank Jan for his many years of hard work on our behalf. If EEMUA 159 is guidance that changed an industry, then Jan is an engineer who has helped change an industry.