INEOS widens scope of its EEMUA membership

23 January 2019

World leading chemical company INEOS has extended the scope of its EEMUA membership from INEOS Chemicals Grangemouth to include INEOS FPS.

The Forties Pipeline System (FPS) is an integrated oil and gas liquid transportation and processing system with a nominal capacity in excess of one million barrels per day serving the central area of the North Sea. Oil and gas liquids from over 50 offshore fields and the St Fergus gas terminal flow through pipelines into FPS.

EEMUA Chief Executive, Stefan Kukula, said: “We are delighted that INEOS has chosen to bring FPS into membership of EEMUA. Both EEMUA and INEOS have very well aligned objectives in terms of safety, the environment and operating performance. The sharing of good practice across different industries and global regions afforded by engagement in EEMUA will help support FPS in the safe operation of its industrial assets. We look forward to working with them”.