Identifying the appropriate techniques for tube end welding

31 March 2017

The latest edition of EEMUA 143 – Recommendations for tube end welding – takes ISO 15614-8:2016 as the primary source with additions where the standard requires further clarification, or does not address the topic sufficiently for the user. These include: the constrictions of use of each joint type; requirements and practicalities for testing procedures and qualification of welders; recommendations on the preparation of tubes and tube-plates; guidance on maximum values on preheat and interpass temperatures; and additional controls on welding parameters and on the Inspection and Test Plan (ITP).

EEMUA 143 is designed to help identify the appropriate techniques for and limitations of tube end welding. It would typically be used by a procurement engineer, specifier, designer or materials engineer.

EEMUA 143, Edition 2, is available to purchase directly from EEMUA through the online Shop. Participants in EEMUA member companies can download complimentary digital copies.