Long serving EEMUA collaborator on storage tanks steps down

07 June 2021

After more than 25 years involvement in EEMUA’s storage tank activities David Wilkins has decided to step down from his work for the Association as a Storage Tank Specialist, a role he took on in 2011 when he retired from industry.

David first became involved with EEMUA when he joined the Storage Tanks Committee as the representative of his company Mobil (later to become ExxonMobil). In the intervening three decades some of the key areas of his involvement have included: work on the development of four editions of EEMUA 159 (David was integral to new sections introduced on corrosion mechanisms, inspection intervals, and Arctic conditions); the expansion of EEMUA 159 TankAssesssor™, for which he became a respected trainer delivering courses around the world, and as part of the EEMUA Training team helped to educate and develop new trainers and contributed to the development of new course materials; and helping develop the more recent TankIntro™ course and storage tanks e-learning module.

David was also EEMUA’s representative involved in developing the Final Report of the Process Safety Leadership Group post Buncefield.

There was much more too and EEMUA would like to take this opportunity to thank David for his many years of hard work on our behalf.