Updated EEMUA guidance on specification of pressure vessels

06 March 2017

The latest update to EEMUA Publication 211, Guidance on the specification of pressure vessels, includes a new chapter providing an overview of fatigue design as it applies to pressure equipment. It is not the intention to provide detailed fatigue design procedures but to provide some background and context to assist engineers in deciding when equipment may need a more detailed assessment, and provide some direction on the methods available.

EEMUA 211 deals with the specification of pressure vessels for a variety of different circumstances not addressed in design codes. It brings together the practical lessons learnt about design, manufacturing and testing of pressure vessels based on users’ experience.

The guidance examines the circumstances under which repeat post-weld heat treatment (PWHT) may be waived, describes methods for assessing both existing and new pressure vessels for exceptional internal pressures, covers improvements in the specification and reliability of nozzles, gives a basic appreciation of creep and, new for this third edition, provides some background to the issues of fatigue in pressure equipment. EEMUA 211 now brings together the majority of peripheral issues associated with the specification of pressure vessels.

EEMUA 211, Edition 3, is available to purchase directly from the Shop. Participants in EEMUA member companies can download a complimentary digital copy.