We’re talking about change – and it happens nowhere faster than in the control and instrumentation area

13 June 2019

The impact of new technology is nowhere more likely to be felt than in the areas of instrumentation, alarms and control.

For many years EEMUA 201 has provided the guidance for the control room in parallel with EEMUA 191 as the authoritative guidance on alarm systems. Whilst the basic principles outlined remain valid, the world is changing. Control systems are getting smarter, the control room environment is changing, equipment has more sensors to interpret and correlate correctly, and the human element is being replaced or has to work safely alongside the new technology. It’s a big learning process that you can’t avoid being a part of.

EEMUA’s Annual Alarm Systems and Control Seminar on 11 July, in London, will look at how all this is to be accomplished without repeating past mistakes.