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EEMUA Webinar details - 28 May 2020

EEMUA Webinar details - 28 May 2020

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A summary and access details for EEMUA's free one hour webinar entitled 'Wanting a clean break? Magnetron tests for ageing vacuum circuit breakers' on 28 May 2020. Please note you will need to complete the shop checkout process to download the details. 

Summary: The introduction of commercially viable vacuum circuit breakers, somewhat more than 40 years ago, was revolutionary in terms of reduction in maintenance tasks, improved reliability and compactness. However, the early installations are now suffering the ravages of time and use. But how badly and how much life is likely to be left in them? To answer these questions it isn’t possible to just open one up to look. Magnetron testing can provide answers. In this webinar, we look at the technique itself, what it can do, what it requires and what are its limitations.