Tata Steel extends EEMUA membership Europe-wide

13 May 2014

Tata Steel has extended its membership of EEMUA from just the UK strip-steel hub to include all of its manufacturing and related operations Europe-wide.

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New edition of EEMUA 'Ex' handbook

01 May 2014

EEMUA has published the sixth edition of EEMUA Publication 186, "A Practitioner's Handbook for explosive atmospheres". This latest edition provides a significant update on previous editions, and includes new chapters on mechanical and application design engineering considerations. 

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EEMUA Board nominates Chief Executive Designate

20 April 2014

It is announced that Dr Stefan Kukula, EEMUA's Technical Director, will succeed Clive Tayler as the Association's Chief Executive on 1 May 2014. 

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Chief executive to depart in 2014

28 January 2014

EEMUA's chief executive, Clive Tayler, has given notice and will be leaving the Association later in 2014, on a date to be confirmed, with the full support of the Board.

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EEMUA CompEx® growth confirms status as the world's pre-eminent IEC 'Ex' personnel competence scheme

29 September 2013

EEMUA CompEx®, the world's pre-eminent scheme for certifying competency of personnel for IEC 'Ex' hazardous area working, has passed a new milestone in recent weeks with more than thirty-two thousand (32,000) CompEx Certificates of Core Competency now issued since the scheme's inception.

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