Pannonia Bio joins EEMUA

15 May 2020

EEMUA welcomes Hungarian bioproducts company as its newest member.

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EEMUA releases updated guidance on cooling tower fans and fin fans

06 May 2020

Cooling tower fans and fin fans are often regarded as “ancillaries” that are there to make the real equipment work, but when they fail to perform, the results can be just as dramatic as major process equipment problems.

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Supporting a diverse engineering community

23 April 2020

EEMUA becomes a Partner of the Women’s Engineering Society.

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Standard Parameters and Site Welding Instruction Sheets

16 April 2020

Register for our free webinar on 29 April 2020 and learn how industry can benefit from the efficiencies created by this type of work instruction.

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Some especially relevant hidden gems in the EEMUA collection

14 April 2020

Join our free webinar this Thursday (16 April 10.00-11.00 GMT) to learn how EEMUA guidance can help with the current challenges facing industrial engineering.

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