EEMUA Early Years Industry Award 2022

Entry requirements

Candidates must:

  • Have completed an Apprenticeship or Degree within the last five years and currently work for an EEMUA Member company to enter. (They cannot have worked for an EEMUA Member company prior to completing their degree).  If eligibility is unclear, then the candidate should contact the EEMUA Technical Executive who will contact the Awards Committee for a ruling.

  • Submit a 10 minute presentation on a topic of the candidate’s choosing. This can be related to the candidate’s day-to-day job, but should be focused on their achievements at this early stage within their careers. The evaluation should demonstrate how the candidate produced innovative ideas and solutions or innovatively adopted already established solutions to contribute to an improvement in their company’s key performance areas whilst demonstrating an approach which also adds sustainable longer-term value.  
  • Complete and submit a questionnaire. It contains fixed questions to allow specific questioning to allow a sound comparison for the award. The questionnaire will be sent out once the candidate’s application has been approved.
  • Acquire their line manager's endorsement and company support as time will be required away from the office. Specifically, all candidates need to be available on 16-17 November 2022.

The deadline for submission is: 9 September 2022

How to apply?

To apply for the EEMUA Early Years Industry Award 2022 you must contact the EEMUA lead representative for your company, they will then determine if you are eligible. If you are unsure who the lead representative for your company is, please get in touch.

Upon confirmation of eligibility you should be given a document containing all information necessary to build your application and information on how to submit it. Contact if you have any questions or need further details. 

What are the prizes?

The prize for 1st place is:
  • £1,500 cash prize,
  • a seat on the EEMUA Council for 12 months.
The 1st place winner will effectively become an “EEMUA ambassador”, promoting the wider industry (and the organisation) and will also get a free delegate place to the EEMUA Conference in 2023.
EEMUA Award Winner role includes:
  • Free participation in the EEMUA Conference 2023
  • A seat on the EEMUA Conference Committee 
  • Contribute to a blog about their working life
  • A seat on the EEMUA Awards Committee for 12 months
  • Speak at a relevant EEMUA Seminar
  • Attend EEMUA Council Dinner 2022 (EEMUA Awards 2022 winners announcement)
The prize for 2nd place is:
  • £150 high street voucher or cash
  • EEMUA Awards Certificate
  • Invitation to EEMUA Council Dinner 2022

Previous winners and runners-up

Early Years Industry Award 2021 winner and runner-up

The 2021 winner was:

  • Scott Owen, Process Engineer - Phillips 66 Humber Refinery

The 2021 runner-up was:

  • Connor Benson, Mechanical Engineer - Phillips 66 Humber Refinery

Early Years Industry Award 2020 winner and runners-up

The 2020 winner was:

  • Morgan Tiley, Graduate Engineer - Calor Gas Ltd


The 2020 runners-up were:

  • William Miller, Engineering Graduate - Calor Gas Ltd
  • Joanna Snape, Engineering and Leadership Graduate - E.ON UK
  • Zachary Gaiqui, Digitisation and Performance Graduate - E.ON UK

Early Years Industry Award 2019 winner

The 2019 winner was:

  • Matthew Smith, Instrument Engineer - Phillips 66 Ltd 


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