EEMUA Committees and Forums

EEMUA’s Committees and Forums offer the opportunity to share technical information, discuss important issues and react to new or changing regulation in specific areas of asset management. Have a look at our downloadable summary, which provides an overview of each Committee and Forum.


Those who attend Committees are expected to encourage the adoption of industry standards, promote technical programmes of education and share information on all safety related issues. Committees meet around three to four times a year, either face-to-face or via teleconference. 


EEMUA Forums are convened on a more informal schedule than Committees, with less emphasis on projects or deliverables. They provide an opportunity to discuss and debate cross-discipline topics or specialised member interests as and when they occur. Forums also offer participants a platform for problem solving with others in their peer group and the chance to review approaches to competency. Forums meet two to three times a year, normally face-to-face.

Further information

If you are an EEMUA Member or Associate, you can find out more information about a Committee or Forum by clicking on the links below.

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Electrical Committee (ELC)

European Committee of User Inspectorates (ECUI)

Inspection and NDT Technology Committee (INT)

Instrumentation and Control Committee (INC)

Machinery Committee (MAC)

Materials Technology Committee (MTC)

On-line Analysers Committee (OLA)

Piping Systems and Pressure Vessels Committee (PSC-PRV)

Pressure Relieving Safety Systems (PRS)

Storage Tanks Committee (STC)

User Inspectorate Committee (UIC)


Competence and Training Forum (CTF)

Cyber Security Forum (CSF)

High Temperature Hydrogen Attack Forum (HTHAF)

Hydrofluoric Acid Forum (HFA)

Personal Portable Devices Forum (P2F)

Structural and Civil Engineering Forum (SCE)