EEMUA Committees and Forums

Get Involved

Be part of our specialist technical committees and forums, which provide a non-competitive framework to share expertise in good practice for the benefit of members, industry and society as a whole.

Industry professionals combine their expertise to establish standardised good practices for a range of topics.

Committees are open to all EEMUA Members at no additional cost. Not a participant? Express your interest by sending an email to

At their meetings:
  • they address procedural issues and how the regulator expects sites to operate.
  • they also regularly look at incidents and safety issues.
  • when relevant, specific committees will hold joint meetings to discuss areas of mutual interest and to update one another on projects.
  • EEMUA also strongly encourages its members to share details of all types of safety incidents and the lessons learned.
Shape the industry

For both industry experts and those new to EEMUA, the ability to influence new and revised standards and guidance gives professionals a platform to collaborate and develop best practices that allow companies to:
  • Preserve the longevity of products and infrastructure
  • Implement proper maintenance and inspection techniques
  • Address gaps in current and developing technology
  • Put best practices in place to ensure safety, integrity, and global standardisation
What’s in it for you?

The benefits of participating in technical committees are greater than positively impacting companies, assets, and the environment. As a committee member you get:
  • Access the latest technology
  • Lend your voice to shaping globally recognised industry standards and EEMUA guidance
  • Establish best practices that affect your company’s operations
  • Build a network of industry colleagues to utilise throughout your career
EEMUA technical committees and forums constantly seek out new participants to bring ideas and new technology to the table. Share your expertise.

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Electrical Committee (ELC)

European Committee of User Inspectorates (ECUI)

Instrumentation and Control Committee (INC)

Machinery Committee (MAC)

Materials Technology Committee (MTC)

On-line Analysers Committee (OLA)

Piping Systems and Pressure Vessels Committee (PSC-PRV)

Pressure Relieving Safety Systems (PRS)

Storage Tanks Committee (STC)

User Inspectorate Committee (UIC)


Carbon Capture Forum (CCF)

Cyber Security Forum (CSF)

Dead Leg Forum (DLF)

Hydrogen Forum (H2F)

Inspection and NDT Technology Forum (INT)

Pipelines Forum (PLF)

Structural and Civil Engineering Forum (SCE)

Wind Generation Forum (WGF)