Contributing to a competent workforce

The competency of employees, contingent workers and contractors is vital to the safe and effective operation of industrial plant. Training and education play a vital role in ensuring the competency of workers.

Discussions and work carried out in EEMUA Technical Committees over the years have resulted in a number of training courses and competency schemes for industry.

EEMUA publications are often the starting point for new courses. The publications are developed to fulfil a need for guidance in a particular area of engineering practice or as a result of new regulatory expectations. EEMUA's publications help to define or clarify what is good practice. The associated training courses then help to ensure competencies are developed and good practices are adopted and applied.

Participation in EEMUA Forums, Technical Committees and Seminars help Member employees stay up to date with the latest thinking in the field of industrial asset management; and the Knowledge Centre ensures that this practical experience is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

EEMUA is also a founder member in the Partnership in Automation and Control Training (PACT) which aims to enable companies in the chemicals and process sectors to maintain and improve their competitive edge by creating a supply of personnel who understand and are able to effectively apply modern automation techniques.

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