Industry sectors

One of EEMUA's strengths is that members can draw on the experiences and practices of other engineering equipment and materials users from different organisations, operating sites and countries – and also from quite different industry sectors. 

The availability of industry wide and sector specific technical guidance, engagement in technical committees and forums, and the provision of competency schemes and training programmes help users across sectors to ensure safe and effective industrial assets.

EEMUA’s activities offer technical benefits to users from range of sectors which often overlap, but a series of posters have been developed to better illustrate how those from a number of key industry sectors can benefit from EEMUA activities and publications. The sectors are: offshore; water and waste water; power generation; manufacturing; downstream oil and gas; storage; chemicals; pharmaceuticals and renewables. 

Click on the boxes below to download (via our shop) a free poster-style guide to EEMUA's coverage of these sectors, starting with offshore. Selected posters are available in Dutch, English, French, German and Spanish language versions. Each poster contains links to relevant further information on the EEMUA website. 

These posters are covered by EEMUA Copyright.