EEMUA representation on standards committees

Actively participating on British Standards Institution (BSI) committees allows EEMUA to play a key role in shaping current and future standards that are important to member companies. It also provides those attending and the EEMUA technical committees they are active on with a greater awareness of developing changes before they are formally announced.

The collective views of EEMUA members are currently represented on the BSI committees listed below. Our representatives change over time according to their availability.  For additional information on our activities in this area or any of the committees listed, please contact EEMUA.

B/208: Stairs and walkways

EXL/31/2: Intrinsically safe apparatus
EXL/31/3: Codes of practice
EXL/23: Fire precautions in industrial and chemical plant
GEL/65: Measurement and control
GEL/65/1: System considerations
GEL/65/2: Elements of systems
GEL/65/4: Process instruments for gas & liquid analysis
GEL/81: Protection against lightning
GEL/600: Earthing
PEL/2: Rotating electrical machinery
PEL/17/1: High voltage switchgear and controlgear
PEL/99: Erection and operation of power installations

GME/21/5: Vibration of machines
GME/21/7: Mechanical vibration, shock and condition monitoring
MCE/5: Gears
MCE/6: Pumps & pump testing
MCE/6/4: Pump seals
MCE/6/5: Pumps for the petroleum industry
MCE/6/6: Positive displacement pumps
MCE/8: Compressors, pneumatic tools & pneumatic machines
MCE/8/1: Compressors - safety
MCE/13: Steam turbines
MCE/16: Gas turbines
MHE/1: Chains and fittings
PSE/15: Flanges
PSE/15/2: Flanges - jointing materials and compounds
PSE/17: Materials & equipment for petroleum and natural gas industry
PSE/2/2: Line pipe
PSE/17/-/5: Casing, tubing & drill pipe
PSE/17/-/6: Process equipment & systems for petroleum and natural gas industries
PSE/18: Industrial valves, steam traps, actuators and safety devices against excessive pressure
PSE/18/6: Safety devices
PVE/1: Pressure vessels
PVE/-/1: Pressure equipment briefing committee
PVE/1/14: Pressure vessels - materials selection
PVE/1/15: Design methods
PVE/1/16: Pressure vessels - fabrication and joining techniques
PVE/1/17: Pressure vessels - inspection, testing and acceptance
PVE/1/18: Pressure vessels: low temperature vessels and equipment
PVE/10: Piping systems
PVE/15: Storage tanks for the petroleum industry
PVE/2: Water tube and shell boilers
WEE/21/7: Field welding of pipes
WEE/36: Qualification of welding personnel and welding procedures
WEE/37: Acceptance levels for welds
WEE/43 Welding of steel for concrete reinforcement
WEE/46: Non-destructive testing
WEE/46/-/8: Panel for TOFD (time of flight diffraction) technique

EH/1/4: Machinery Noise

CPI/30: Measurement of Fluid Flow in Closed Conduits
PRI/82: Thermoplastics

CAS/1: Conformity assessment (was QS/3)

AMS/1: ISO 5500X Asset Management

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