Online Analysers Seminar


Live Online Seminar




Online analysers are one of the petrochemical industry’s most vital yet least understood pieces of equipment. This seminar will present some of the latest work in the field relating to online analysers.


Attendance is free of charge for delegates from EEMUA member and associate companies. For members and associates registering on the website for the first time, please note that there is an additional validation step. In this case, we recommend registering for the event only after the ‘Welcome to EEMUA’ communication has been received. This will ensure that once logged in you will have free entry to the event.

The event is also free of charge to one employee of each government agency or body, as per our face to face events. 

Limited spaces are available to delegates from higher education establishments, i.e. staff and full time students, at a reduced rate. All delegates from higher education establishments will be required to provide us with confirmation of their status accordingly, e.g. copy of student ID card, personnel ID card, etc.

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Who should attend:

Anyone with an interest in monitoring the quality of products in various stages of continuous flow processes.


EEMUA Member £ 0 - EEMUA Members and Associates
Non-member £ 150 - Non-member
£ 40 - Higher Education


10:00 - 16:30Programme to follow