EEMUA TankAssessor course


Hanover, Germany


15/4/2024 - 18/4/2024


4 days training course delivered in German. The exam will be sat after the course and will be a half day exam. 

To enable participants to:

  • Gain an understanding of the design, material and fabrication aspects of tank construction with respect to repair or restrictions of use after degradation in service.
  • Understand the principles, output and limitations of inspection methods and techniques.
  • Be able to make a sound assessment of the integrity of a storage tank and foundation, and offer guidance on the need for repair, its urgency and methods of effecting such repair.

Certificate of Competence in the assessment of storage tank integrity according to the EEMUA 159 User Guide.

To check availability on this course, contact TUV SUD at or call +49 89 5791 2476.

Further details can be found on the TankAssessor flier (in German) and CompeTank brochure.

Who should attend?

Engineers, operational supervisors and inspectors qualified to HNC level or above and with a minimum of five years experience with storage tanks who require to improve their understanding of and/or become qualified in assessing the integrity of tanks and foundations.


EEMUA Member€ 3528 - Full course no exam
€ 2999 - Repeat course no exam
Non-member€ 4410 - Full course no exam
€ 3749 - Repeat course no exam