Ageing electrical equipment


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How electricity utilities use predictive models to improve asset management.


The energy regulator Ofgem requires GB Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) to use an agreed methodology for leading indicators of asset health, criticality and monetised risk. This is known as the Common Network Asset Indices Methodology (CNAIM). It  provides Ofgem with an extremely valuable dataset: delivery of regulatory objectives can be closely monitored and performance can be benchmarked. Through the strong financial incentives of RIIO regulation, outperformance can be rewarded, shaping DNO behaviour and delivering better value to customers. DNOs use these incentives and freedoms to maximise income and manage risk. Could these models be used to do something similar with your own ageing electrical assets?

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Presented by Paul Barnfather, Head of Asset Investment Management, EA Technology. 

Who should attend:

Those interested in: the electrical engineering asset lifecycle; engineering management and resourcing; asset lives; investment planning; reliability; electrical power supply and distribution.


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12:30 - 13:15Presented by Paul Barnfather, Head of Asset Investment Management, EA Technology.