Engineering, Procurement, Construction

Owners and operators of industrial assets face many common issues in the areas of engineering, procurement and construction.

The range of issues is vast, ranging from equipment design, through to quality requirements for materials, specification of equipment, procurement of equipment, construction specifications, construction itself and eventual decommissioning.

EEMUA members gain support to face these challenges from the association’s committees, forums and publications and our online resources. Our activities span the whole breadth of this topic covering issues from noise, to welding, valves, and castings; to concrete, steel and refrigerated liquefied gas storage tanks, and offshore structures.

EEMUA members can benefit from sharing technical experience on emerging technologies, regulatory visits, effective working practices and equipment faults or failures. The committees primarily involved in these areas are the Materials Technology Committee (MTC) and the Structural and Civil Engineering (SCE) Forum.

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Issues about the quality of procured materials, equipment, fabrication and welding, and subsea materials are the main areas of interest. Whether it is rogue materials in the supply chain or other safety related incidents, EEMUA provides a forum for sharing information, which enables lessons to be learnt collectively.

Recent years have seen a sharp rise in the supply of wrong plant, defective equipment, and fraudulent documents. The problem ranges from whole items of plant and their parts, to materials for pressure equipment and fabrications. Experts in EEMUA member companies have come together to captured the elements to successfully develop and apply such an approach, resulting in the recent EEMUA Publication 224, ‘A guide to risk-based procurement – quality assurance of safety critical engineering equipment and materials’.

In addition to relevant technical committees, EEMUA also publishes a range of relevant publications on construction related areas, such as the recently updated EEMUA Publication 105: ‘Factory stairways, ladders and handrails (including access platforms and ramps)’.

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