Inspection and Integrity Management

Major incidents can have severe consequences for people, the environment, assets and company reputations. Inspection and integrity management are key parts of the process that minimise the risks of major incidents. They are also vital to maximising the lifetime value of industrial process plants, power stations and other industrial facilities by improving plant availability and increasing its productivity.

Inspections may be carried out by a manufacturer or supplier (first party), the owner (second party), or an independent body (third party) depending on the equipment in question, regulatory requirements and the owners’ internal policies. EEMUA’s work focuses not only on how to check that plant has been built, modified and maintained against the requirements, but also on how to monitor and ensure the competence of personnel carrying out inspections.

In recent years, EEMUA has developed its mechanical integrity training portfolio to encompass a range of e-learning and blended online learning. EEMUA e-learning training courses at the awareness-level for engineers or technicians include: Mechanical Integrity, Pressure Systems and Third Party Inspection. EEMUA's blended learning course in this area is the Mechanical Integrity Practitioner Certificate training course. 

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Members can benefit from a number of relevant publications such as EEMUA Publication 206: ‘Risk based inspection, a guide to effective use of the RBI process.’ Additionally EEMUA provides the secretariat for the European Committee of User Inspectorates, enabling best practice to be shared across Europe.

EEMUA members benefit from sharing best practice with regard to topics such as Non-Destructive Testing (NDT); differing approaches to integrity management across sectors, working with the regulator on inspection requirements; and key learnings from incidents within EEMUA member companies. 

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