Storage and Distribution

Storage and distribution play key parts in the overall process chains of industries such as petrochemicals and natural gas, but as a less dynamic activity, they can often be overlooked, compared with, for example, offshore drilling. Their potential economic and environmental impact however should not be understated.

EEMUA’s overall activity and publications in this area cover a wide range of topics from guidance on application of the Pressure Equipment Directive, to the design, specification, construction and eventual decommissioning of both metal and concrete storage tanks. EEMUA also addresses a number of areas of technical detail, such as tank roof design and preventing bottom leakage, to leak sealing of piping and tank demolition.

Focussing on several types of storage tanks, EEMUA’s awareness of the potential problems in inspecting and maintaining them has led to the development of strategies aimed at minimising the time equipment is out of use, while taking the risks and consequences of failure into account. Find out more about EEMUA's coverage in this area via the video below.

Cees Voermans, Reliability and Integrity Engineer, Shell

Hear more about EEMUA Publication 159 Above ground flat bottomed storage tanks - a guide to inspection, maintenance and repair in the video below.

The Corrigendum to EEMUA Publication 159 Edition 4 is available for download here. This includes editorial changes, corrections and an addendum to the previous imprints released in June 2014 (Imprint 06-14) and July 2014 (Imprint 07-14).

A free poster outlining EEMUA's activities related to storage tanks is available to download in DutchEnglish, FrenchGerman and Spanish language versions.

Download free EEMUA inspection sheets for above ground vertical, cylindrical steel storage tanks (from EEMUA Publication 159).

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EEMUA produces numerous publications on storage tanks, in areas such as operation, best practice for the prevention of bottom leakage, and guidance on the design of double concrete tanks. It also offers training and competency courses for those working with tanks through its CompeTank scheme.

EEMUA is active in a number of areas relevant to distribution, including its CompeTank scheme. This unique programme trains, assesses and certifies-as-competent those who are involved in tank storage and distribution operations. Additionally, EEMUA enables its members to help shape legislation through its representational activity on the committees of national and international standards.


















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