End of year reflections

14 December 2016

For the office staff, the key event of the year was probably the office move. A change of location can be traumatic, but things have gone remarkably smoothly, and our new London premises have given us the opportunity to offer a meeting space free of charge to our members. This has already been taken up, and we look forward to welcoming more of our members to our Blackfriars venue.

The majority of key developments for the membership have been in the digital, rather than physical, realm. As of January 2016, all EEMUA member employees have access to digital versions of EEMUA publications free of charge through the EEMUA website. We have also rolled out the first of our online “awareness level” e-learning courses; again, free of charge and accessible anywhere through the website, to member company employees. A range of checklists, based on some of our most widely used guidance, have been released for public access. We have also updated and expanded our popular infographics enabling easy identification of where EEMUA can help in different industries. Webinars have been a popular addition to the EEMUA portfolio, and have enabled worldwide participation in EEMUA expertise, with topics including cold weld repair applications, hazardous areas, post-weld heat treatment exemptions and, just this week, cyber security, which is a fitting way to round off 2016 since we released our popular Cyber Security Industry Information Sheet at the start of the year, and have recently established a Cyber Security Forum. The next webinars will address fatigue in pressure equipment and plastic tanks, to be run in February and April 2017 respectively. Details will be made available soon!

The physical world has not been neglected, though, and we have run a record number of courses in 2016. The new German TankAssessor® course has been consistently sold out, as the EEMUA approach has started to gain traction, and in-house courses have also proved popular, with courses provided on request in companies in Greece and France. The launch of the Mechanical Integrity course has been very successful.  The first course sold out very quickly, and the next course, in March 2017, looks to be heading the same way. Additional dates are being added, so do have a look at the EEMUA Calendar

We have also run a record number of technical seminars, and EEMUA presentations have been given at technical conferences across Europe, supported by the London office. 

The expansion in our offering has been a credit to the hard work and dedication of our staff, and the technical experts we work with, who have ensured that our reputation for quality and focus on the user has been maintained. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them all for their efforts in 2016.

Key to all of this success, though, has been the membership. My diary has been regularly punctuated with visits to meetings with them, at sites across Europe, and I have been pleased at both the warmth of the welcome, despite the clear pressures of work, and the constructive suggestions we have received about how we can continue to improve what we offer. We also received a lot of useful feedback and input from our recent annual survey of Members and Associates.  We take great pride in being a member led organisation, and we have been and will be incorporating many of the ideas we have been given. 

Looking ahead, you can expect to see our emphasis on member benefits continuing throughout 2017. In particular, we will be expanding the e-learning portfolio, and working with the membership to ensure that the offering can be a major part in ensuring base competence levels of technical staff.

The big event of 2017 will be the EEMUA Conference, held on 8-9 March in Kenilworth, UK. The programme and speakers are ready, and, as always, the cost is heavily subsidised for member company employees. Steep group booking discounts allows HR and training departments to consider it as a cost effective part of their graduate development programme for technical staff, helping to ensure that the next generation is ready to pick up the mantle of working with some of the world’s most important industrial assets. 

This ties in with EEMUA’s original goal, consistently expressed since our founding in 1950: leadership in industrial asset management.