A new, and unwelcome, annual traditional greeting

15 December 2022

The last couple of years have had an additional sentiment that will be repeated this time – “let’s hope things are a bit more normal next year.”

Industry is very aware of the effects recent turmoil can have on the operation of infrastructure critical to our modern way of life. The past two years of COVID, supply issues, war – added to the relentless but necessary drive for a shift in energy sources – could play havoc. Yet, overall, EEMUA Members have adapted and coped to maintain vital and desirable services. 

2022 has seen a gradual return to in-person meetings, events and courses across the UK and Europe, and with a portfolio of online seminars, webinars, and courses, we have continued to expand access to valuable content and resources. EEMUA has continued to grow during the year with Members and Associates from different sectors joining, and we look forward to welcoming more companies and their employees into the EEMUA community in 2023.

We held our first Awards Dinner to recognise: young engineers who make significant contributions to their own companies and show innovation that can be adopted by wider industry – this year Megan Backhouse from BOC UK & Ireland won the main accolade; and volunteer subject matter experts who contribute to the Association’s work programme – this year Philip Enegela of INEOS O&P Europe. It is the passion of such engineers that drives good practice across all industry sectors to really deliver improvement. 

One example of this is our recent release of EEMUA 168 good practice guidance, and linked e-learning, on pressure testing aimed specifically at reducing the risks involved in this commonplace process. We believe EEMUA 168 resources, are significant steps towards reducing pressure testing incidents worldwide and their tragic human cost. 

Next year promises more industry defining guidance, with work due on civil/structural asset inspection and defined life repairs. With more pressure on owners and operators to prove competence, 2023 will also see the release of new EEMUA courses at multiple levels in mechanical integrity, storage tanks, and subsea materials. All the new courses will include an exam for an EEMUA competency qualification. 

Our first in-person event in 2023 will be the EEMUA Conference in March. We look forward to meeting Members, Associates, and other stakeholders after a period of change and upheaval. Titled “Meeting the Challenges, Mastering the Changes, Exploiting the Opportunities: Industry working through the tipping points” – it will provide attendees with opportunities to recognise and learn from people with similar issues across a range of industries – the core value of EEMUA. 

While many are on holiday at this time of year others will be working so that everyone may enjoy uninterrupted benefits of efficient, safe industrial engineering. We hope that you all find some time to be with family and loved ones, in spirit if not in person. There is so much more to say, but your time is precious, so I will end it there. To all of you EEMUA sends best wishes of the season and a Happy New Year. 

Stefan Kukula,
EEMUA Chief Executive