E-learning at the awareness level

31 July 2018

EEMUA has launched a range of introductory e-learning courses based on its guidance publications. The modules deploy the latest educational technology to help learners develop awareness on key aspects of safety, efficiency and regulatory compliance. The objectives are to: make available in an easily accessible, interactive form some of the expertise found in EEMUA publications; encourage broader participation, enable on-demand access and improve knowledge retention and sharing.

Industrial safety and security has been a popular area for e-learning but the EEMUA courses are designed to set a new benchmark. Made for industry by industry, they are designed and validated by experts with up-to-date knowledge and hands-on experience of solving real life issues with engineering equipment and materials. The e-learning courses draw rich content from EEMUA publications and their unmatched knowledge base of good practice. They combine modern learning engagement with EEMUA’s heritage and commitment to high quality output.

The courses are short - not requiring more than 30 minutes to complete for an average learner - and focused, covering a particular subject area at a time. They are designed for ‘awareness’, presenting practical insights and workable ideas in a concise form rather than developing nuanced arguments around theoretical issues.

The rationale behind developing e-learning courses for awareness is two-fold. First, the organisation-wide need for safety awareness requires on-demand, remote delivery of training that can be scaled quickly. Second, there is a keenly felt need to  ‘bring to life’ awareness training, mixing visual, auditory, textual and activity based presentations, that can go beyond the reading of company policies and publications.

In summary, EEMUA’s e-learning offering is designed to make expertise engaging, accessible and scalable. Built in response to the changing technology landscape and the breadth of cross-sector user requirements, this is a strategic step towards a core objective of the Association – to help owners and operators of industrial assets to operating their capital assets efficiently, effectively and in compliance with relevant legislation, regulation and international standards.

Supriyo Chaudhuri
E-learning Project Manager