EEMUA evolution

13 July 2018

Since my arrival at EEMUA in 2014, I have been absolutely amazed at the pace at which changes and new initiatives have been pushed forward – all with members in mind.

Along with our Chief Executive, Stefan Kukula, I have travelled over 6,000 miles and met with more than 35 of our member companies across the UK and Europe. These visits have been invaluable in meeting the relevant lead representatives and learning more about the cross-sector industries that EEMUA supports. Looking back at all these visits there is a common theme of ongoing challenges for our members and others in industry. These include: the maintenance of ageing assets, an ageing workforce, proving competency to the regulator, acting as an intelligent customer and taking time away from the workplace to engage in valuable technical networking.

In an effort to make EEMUA even more accessible, our solution is to create more opportunities for individuals to engage and interact with EEMUA. As such, we are setting up a webinar aimed at a worldwide audience, where we will outline EEMUA activities and the benefits of membership. Individuals can easily participate in working groups via video conferencing as well as traditional telephone conferencing, enabling the opportunity to contribute to leading global guidance such as EEMUA 191 and EEMUA 159. EEMUA has likewise developed (and will continue to do so) many awareness level e-learning modules which are now also available to the wider industry.

Whilst acknowledging that technology has provided us with some fantastic communications platforms, ultimately I believe nothing beats face-to-face engagement. Here is why:

  • Body language does not translate across phone lines;
  • Face-to-face ensures engagement and helps to clarify meaning; and
  • Face-to-face drives participation and is more efficient.

Therefore, Members and Associates can participate in face-to-face technical meetings and seminars, which give engineers an opportunity to discuss critical topics and issues, and help them understand how to keep their technical competencies current. This sharing of engineering insight and expertise across multiple sectors adds a real development dimension to the EEMUA experience.

EEMUA is primarily a members’ association for technical networking, experience sharing and cooperation that influences legislation and standards. This is why we need your support to keep growing as an association, so we can continue to help you improve safety, efficiency and compliance.

Deovonne Ferreira
Membership Development Executive