The EEMUA Glossary – back for another term

10 July 2019

Last summer, I was very fortunate to be accepted for an internship with EEMUA in its London office, near St. Paul’s. Despite the ongoing heatwave, I had a great time and gained a fascinating insight into an area of engineering I had very little experience in. That’s why, when the opportunity arose again, I jumped at the chance of returning to EEMUA in the ‘Big City’.

When I arrived this year, under mercifully cooler conditions, I was set to work updating the EEMUA Glossary, which brings together all the terms and definitions used by EEMUA in its industry guidance. I’ve been adding entries from the latest awareness-level e-learning modules as well as new publications such as EEMUA 241. The task felt strangely familiar after inputting over 500 items into the same system previously. By now, it feels almost like a personal project! Looking back on the updated Glossary is always satisfying as it shows that I’ve made something that will help people in their engineering work. 

I’ve also had the opportunity to give feedback on the forthcoming Control Rooms e-learning and the new blended learning platform. The e-learning was especially interesting as I completed a safety course at University last semester. Seeing how safety principles are applied in the real world has helped me better understand the risks from equipment as well as ways to mitigate them. This knowledge will be of immense help during future projects.

In addition, I have had the opportunity to help edit many of the presentations given at the EEMUA Conference 2019. This has given me access to a broader range of engineering subjects and a preview of what industry events for professional engineers have to offer. Fittingly then, that my second week was punctuated by a lunch with the wider EEMUA team as they celebrated the success of the EEMUA Conference. It was a nice touch to be included and there was some spectacular food!

I’d like to thank the staff in the EEMUA office, both returning and new, for being extremely helpful and welcoming throughout my time here. I’d recommend the EEMUA summer internship to any engineering student and one day I hope to return to the EEMUA office as something slightly more prestigious than the ‘Summer Intern’!

Jamie Eost