This could be Rotterdam, or Anywhere

14 May 2015

What do you get if Italians, Germans, Danes, and many others, walk into a hotel room in Amsterdam?

No, it’s not the start of a dodgy joke. The answer is a seminar on ammonia tanks organised at the end of April as part of EEMUA’s technical programme. The event had attendees from all over Europe, as well as Saudi Arabia, keen to learn some of the latest examples of good practice in storing this hazardous, but vitally important, material. Those attending also received a copy of the newly published second edition of EEMUA Publication 147 'Recommendations for refrigerated liquefied gas storage tanks'.

In contrast to EEMUA’s Collaborate conference at the beginning of March, I was a late incidental addition to the staff and was able to take a relaxed view of proceedings. Andrew and Hayley, the team members organising the event, did a fantastic job of ensuring everything ran smoothly. Once again the key feature of the day, for me, was the level of participation and interaction of those who came.

I spent the next day meeting representatives of some of our member companies in Rotterdam, a chance to both see arguably Europe’s most spectacular industrial architecture and learn about the issues faced by our Dutch members. These would be, I suspect, familiar to most of our membership where ever they are based. EEMUA is an international association with membership restricted to the users of industrial assets rather than restricted to particular geographical areas. Our members share their experiences to help derive good practice principles and to spread that good practice for the benefit of the membership, and society at large. Wherever that society is.

Stefan Kukula
EEMUA Chief Executive