Position statements

EEMUA represents the “voice of the user”

With its membership spanning a range of industries and markets, EEMUA can put forward the views of owners and operators of industrial assets from the perspective of technical expertise, rather than a narrow, parochial focus.

A voice that is listened to

EEMUA has the respect of regulators and legislators across the world. Its Publications have been adopted as good practice in many countries, and written into law in others.

Expressing concerns on things that matter to our members

Where there are issues that are of real concern to our membership we will raise them with the appropriate bodies, putting forward a group view that allows individual members to fully express their views in the context of their association expressing collective opinions. Issues may be raised with regulators, legislators, and manufacturers. On some occasions we will issue a public statement, putting forward the EEMUA position on an issue of importance to our membership.

Recent position statements

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