EEMUA welcomes MISTRAS Group as an Associate

24 May 2021

One of EEMUA’s main activities is helping its members in the inspection and integrity management of industrial assets, to keep them operating safely and efficiently. MISTRAS Group is a global provider of integrated technology-enabled asset protection solutions helping industrial facilities in achieving and maintaining operational excellence and we are pleased to welcome the company to EEMUA as an Associate.

The scope of MISTRAS’ engagement with EEMUA extends to the company's operations in the UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France, and the sharing of good practice afforded by this engagement will help support MISTRAS, and hence its clients, in the continued safe operation of industrial assets in these countries.

EEMUA Associates are engineering consultancy firms, inspection companies, risk management consultants and other companies providing professional services to owners/operators of industrial assets.

EEMUA Members are companies that own and/or operate industrial facilities or that are significant purchasers or users of engineering equipment and materials.

Further details on the benefits of joining EEMUA as a Corporate Member and on the Associate Company Scheme can be found here