EEMUA welcomes Nortest Cyprus as an Associate

07 February 2023

Nortest Cyprus Ltd, an inspection, testing and certification body, has become the newest EEMUA Associate.

Based in Cyprus, the company provides a wide range of services globally to clients operating in industries such as power generation and energy, oil and gas, civil engineering and marine. Nortest is also a Notified Body (CE 2338) for pressure equipment, and lifts and machinery, and holds numerous accreditations in the field of inspection and certification, such as ISO 17020, ISO 17025 and ISO 17065.

One of EEMUA’s main activities is helping its Members – the users of engineering equipment and materials – in the inspection and integrity management of their fixed industrial assets, to keep them operating safely, efficiently and in compliance. The sharing of good practice provided by involvement in EEMUA will help support Nortest, and so its clients, in the continued safe operation of these assets.

Further details on the benefits of joining EEMUA as an Associate Company or a Corporate Member can be found here.