EEMUA welcomes new UK Government measures to support business as they transition to the new UKCA

21 June 2022

Following extensive engagement with business groups, the UK Government has announced the introduction of further measures to support businesses as they adapt to the UKCA regime. They cover reducing re-testing costs, removing the need to re-test existing imported stock, continuing to accept spare parts onto the GB market, and extending current labelling easements.

EEMUA welcomes these new measures, addressing some of the key challenges our members face in adapting to the new UK goods regulatory regime. EEMUA members, the users of engineering equipment, had raised concerns especially on the complex issues around interpretation of incorporation of spare parts, supply constraints, and the interpretation of regulations by UK national regulators.

EEMUA Chief Executive Stefan Kukula commented: “This has been, and will continue to be, an area where the team at EEMUA, and colleagues at other industry bodies and stakeholders, are focused on working with the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) to deliver to minimise disruption to member sites and operations. For us, the goals are simple; it must be crystal clear what items, assemblies and components can be used where, and they must be available to be used. This announcement is a step forward”.

EEMUA will continue to engage with BEIS and other industry bodies on this topic.

The Government announcement is available here.