Gunvor extends scope of EEMUA membership

23 July 2018

Global commodity trading company Gunvor has extended the scope of its membership of EEMUA from Gunvor Raffinerie Ingolstadt (GRI) to include Gunvor Petroleum Rotterdam (GPR). GPR comprises two refinery units for the processing of crude oil and a petrol plant. In addition, there are two purification plants, supporting service plants and a large storage area with various landing stages for loading and unloading of sea and inland shipping vessels. GRI joined EEMUA in November 2012.

EEMUA Chief Executive, Stefan Kukula, said: “We are delighted that Gunvor has chosen to bring Gunvor Petroleum Rotterdam into membership of EEMUA, joining its sister site. The sharing of good practice across different industries and regions afforded by engagement in EEMUA will help support the facility in the safe operation of its industrial assets”.