Helping to ensure analyser systems are fit for purpose

15 September 2016

Now available for free download from the EEMUA Shop is a suggested checklist for analyser specification.

Used within the context of EEMUA 226 (Design and installation of on-line analyser systems: Guide to technical enquiry and bid evaluation) and the four other EEMUA publications (1) on on-line analysers, it will help ensure that analyser systems are implemented which are cost-effective and fit for the intended purpose.

Users from EEMUA Member companies can download complimentary digital editions of EEMUA Publications from the Shop.

A list of other EEMUA suggested checklists available for free download can be found on the Publications page of the website.   


(1) EEMUA 209 (Guide to the development and implementation of on-line analyser applications), EEMUA 187 (Analyser systems - a guide to maintenance management), EEMUA 138 (Design and installation of on-line analyser systems) and EEMUA 175 (Code of Practice for calibration and validation of process analysers).