Island electricity provider joins EEMUA

15 August 2017

Guernsey Electricity Limited has become the latest company to join EEMUA as a corporate member.

The company is the sole commercial electricity supplier in Guernsey. It has been operating for over 100 years, moving from local generation of power from coal, and later oil, to investing in cable connections into other grids. 

Liam Sumner, Operations Engineer at Guernsey Electricity, commented: “We have joined EEMUA to take advantage of the available knowledge and the opportunities provided for sharing engineering experiences and expertise, particularly in regard to storage tank operations.”

EEMUA Chief Executive, Dr Stefan Kukula, added: “We’re delighted to welcome Guernsey Electricity into membership. The company operates a lower-tier COMAH site and I’m confident the sharing of good practice afforded by engagement in EEMUA will generate mutual benefits on both sides in ensuring the safer and longer operations of industrial assets.”