Man and machine

26 October 2017

Whilst the concept of the control room conjures up a certain stereotyped mental picture for most of us, industry and market changes will soon require us to modify that perception.

Furthermore, we have to question how well we really understand some of the ideas which are relevant to the implementation of a control room. But it’s not just about technology, it’s also about the people, their changing skills and their needs. Modern industrial assets rely on ever more complex control systems for their safe operation, and require competent staff to manage them.

EEMUA’s “Man and Machine” seminar on 7 December 2017 in Birmingham, UK, will address several aspects of the often problematic man/machine interface and the resulting risks that must be understood and controlled.

The event will be of interest to anyone who has a role to play in designing, implementing, managing or updating control, safety or instrumentation functionality, or who may have a strategic oversight role.

Programme details and how to register can be found on the Calendar.

The seminar is supported by the Chemical Industries Association.