Management of ageing electrical assets

14 April 2021

EEMUA 227, Management of ageing electrical assets, is new guidance aimed at providing electrical engineers with a coherent, proactive system for managing certain ageing electrical assets.

Developed by the Association’s Electrical Engineering Committee, which brings together engineers, technical authorities, policy managers and others from across industry, EEMUA 227 collates users’ existing knowledge to help overcome the difficulties often faced in accessing or determining equipment failure rates.

Today electrical engineers are working in a field where technology is changing, new assessment techniques are available, old skills are being lost due to changes in the workforce and there is an ever-present pressure on costs. EEMUA 227 aims to reduce whole life costs by helping to ensure adequate and appropriate maintenance plus an understanding of “end of life” considerations.

The new guidance focuses on six types of electrical equipment prioritised as being where additional guidance would be most useful, either due to a lack of other guidance or an increase in incidents related to ageing asset issues. They are: electrical drives; electrical protection devices; power cables; switchgear (HV and LV); transformers; and generators and motors.

EEMUA 227 provides guidance for:

  • Identifying potential failure mechanisms on ageing electrical assets
  • Methods of detecting early signs of failure mechanisms
  • Ways to estimate remaining life of electrical assets
  • Maintenance methods to extend electrical asset life
  • Demonstrating the benefits of replacing equipment before failures occur.

By helping engineers to better predict “end of life” it is hoped that the new guidance will help reduce the number of catastrophic failures, enable engineers to take a more proactive approach and generally improve awareness within industry of the breadth of issues associated with managing ageing electrical assets.

EEMUA 227 (Edition 1) is available as digital/PDF and hard copy editions from the EEMUA online Shop.

Digital/PDF editions are free to EEMUA members.

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