“More information shared the better we will be!”

22 February 2018

This was a comment posted recently on the EEMUA LinkedIn page by a Discipline Lead Engineer working for a major multinational oil and gas company. It was in response to news about proceedings at the seminar we held on 15 February 2018 addressing safe operation in hazardous areas. 

Last week the COMAH Strategic Forum (CSF) in the UK released a new guidance document, ‘Understanding collaboration in the high hazard sector’. It notes that major incidents such as Texas City, Buncefield and Macondo in the Gulf of Mexico have all highlighted the need for industry, regulators and trade unions to work more closely and collaboratively to share knowledge and tackle common problems to reduce the risk of harm.   

For 60 years EEMUA has been providing the platform for engineers from across all sectors of industry, and from different countries, to share engineering experiences and expertise to improve the safety, environmental and operating performance of industrial assets worldwide.       

Active involvement and participation in EEMUA’s Technical Committees, Working Groups, Forums, technical seminars, and competence and training courses ensures that EEMUA is able to develop technical guidance based on the user experience, and that engineers can share and learn from peer experience and are trained and competent in the areas of operation that ensure integrity of process plants.

For example, EEMUA 191 is cited in the CSF document. EEMUA 191 is the globally accepted and leading guide to good practice for all aspects of alarm systems. It was developed by users of these systems with input from the British regulator, the Health and Safety Executive, and gives comprehensive guidance on designing, managing and procuring an effective alarm system. It is now in its third edition.

EEMUA will continue its collaboration with all parties in pursuit of our goal – helping ‘you’ improve safety, efficiency and compliance.