Seeking a basic understanding of industrial-scale storage tanks?

27 September 2016

Maybe you’re a technician, manager, graduate or other engineer just starting to work with tanks. Or a tank farm manager, a safety representative, or a supervisor involved in recruiting tank integrity assessors and conducting their performance reviews. If so, you’d probably find a general awareness and appreciation of the need for tank integrity assessment, why it is done, and the general principles of what is involved very useful.

If this describes you then EEMUA’s TankIntroTM training course is just what you need.

TankIntro provides an introductory overview of industrial scale above ground steel storage tanks. It gives attendees a basic understanding of the different tank designs, and how tanks should be inspected, assessed, operated, maintained and repaired, without going into any detailed calculation routines to assess degradation limits and/or remaining life of tank components, etc.

The training is run each year in the UK and the Netherlands. Remaining course dates for 2016 are 17-18 October (London) and 27-28 October (Delft - course delivered in Dutch).

TankIntro is one of the three steps to competence covered by the EEMUA CompeTank® scheme.

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